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Hospitality Trends for 2021: Smart Hotel in Malaysia

Be an outstanding smart hotel in Malaysia

Just as we bid farewell a decade before entering the next decade, hotels will need to be prepared to bring their property and guest experience into the next decade. In the smart hotel industry in 2021 and beyond, some of the main trends that we will begin to see include the following influencers.


Main trends from the smart hotel system


1. Millennials

Millennials can be a demanding group of people. They are used to obtain information quickly and easily without having to stand in line to do so. They include technology, mobile devices, social media and applications. The smart hotel will need to adjust and provide mobile check-in/check-out and provide an app.

In addition, they will want to use mobile devices to meet the needs of millennial customers, such as whether they need turn-down service, need more towels, etc. Smart hotels also need to provide special treatments such as affordable food and wine tasting sessions.


2. Artificial Intelligence


AI (Artificial Intelligence) is another emerging technology that smart hotels hope to incorporate their guest experience. They can place personal assistant devices such as Alexa or Google Assistant in each smart room. Guests can use a personal assistant to request Uber, buy event tickets or order room service from the hotel.


3. Green Sustainability


Being more environmentally conscious will be a big trend in 2021 and beyond for hospitality businesses, including hotels in Malaysia. Adding solar panels to roofs and on-demand water heaters are two upgrades smart hotels will start to incorporate into their properties. They should also continue to use energy-efficient lighting and water-conserving fixtures.


4. Technology


Hotels need to adopt emerging technologies. The Internet of Things (IoT) is a technology, and we will start to see more use of it in the smart hotel and hospitality industry. From allowing guests to connect to the refrigerator in the room and store food and beverages for them, to using mobile devices as room keys and pool and spa passes, the Internet of Things will change the rules of the game.

Both VR (virtual reality) and facial recognition will become more and more common in smart hotels. Some larger hotels are already using VR as a way to interact with guests. For example, they can immerse guests in a VR experience, where they can visit the hotel and view rooms and on-site facilities.

Facial recognition is being used in different ways for different visitor experiences. One way hotels can use it is that after guests register and check in, they will be able to scan their faces with their mobile devices and send them to IoT devices that unlock their room doors. They don’t need a key, they just walk to the door and press a button to scan their face, and the door will unlock.


5. Increased Use of Social Media


Expect hotels to take things to the next level like providing real-time offers for guests staying on a property. Smart hotels will also use their social media channels to announce new technologies being added to their properties and using guests’ images and feedback for continued self-promotion.

To ensure your hotel guests are happy and loyal, you should be thinking about updating your property for 2021 and beyond. It’s time to make your hotel smart in Malaysia. Please contact us immediately to get a free customized quote.